2 0 2 1  J U D G E S 

EJ Scanlan


Prospect Music Award Founder
Music Journalist

Instagram: @ejscanlan25

Will Kent


Head of YMCA Digital
Live Music Presenter

Instagram: @willgeorgekent

Francesca Biscozzi


Creative Director
Artist Counsellor

Instagram: @francescabiscozzi 

James Denham


Founder of Black Friends

Instagram: @mumbo.jimbo

Maddy Chamberlain


Co-Head of Phlexx Records
Production Manager of The Bodega

Instagram: @madeline_anne_c

C U R R E N T   J U D G E S

E J  S C A N L A N


EJ Scanlan is a radio presenter and music journalist from Nottingham. EJ set up his own internet radio station, Phresh Radio, when only 14 years old and had over 5,000 listeners per week. This accomplishment led to the development of the Prospect Music Award. EJ moved to the radio station YMCA Digital in 2014 and is now one of the station's longest-serving presenters, hosting his own independent radio show, EJ Scanlan, his popular Eurovision series, EJ Scanlan's Eurovision, and, of course, the Prospect Music Award.

EJ, 22, has thrived on supporting up and coming talent throughout his career and understands the passion and dedication these artists need to have in order to have a chance of succeeding in such a competitive industry. He has trained young people in radio presenting and podcasting and has also helped to mentor musicians.

In the world of journalism, EJ has worked for Phlexx Records and Splendour Festival, and was also a judge in the 2020 Noise From The Next Generation competition, hosted by the Nottingham Music Hub. He has interviewed multiple artists from across the globe, including; Jack Savoretti, Amber Run, Steve Hackett of Genesis, Sports Team and Prospect Music Award nominees, such as Dream Wife, APRE and 2019 champions, Airways

EJ Scanlan's interview with Hannah Clarke.

W I L L  K E N T


Will is a writer, journalist and actor who started presenting on YMCA Digital, seven years ago and is now head of the station. Will has been a big part of the Prospect Music Award since it came to YMCA Digital back in 2014. This is his 3rd year as a judge and in 2021 he is Co-Executive Producer as well. Will also writes and hosts the weekly Music Heads quiz at The Bodega, the sponsors of this year's Prospect Music Award.

Will Kent's interview with Hannah Clarke.

M A D D Y  C H A M B E R L A I N


Maddy has her fingers in as many musical pies as possible, from managing a historic local venue and running a major Nottingham record label to writing music and spinning vinyl. She is also the local Promoter for DHP Family. Some notable sell-out shows include Sancho Panza, Vega Bay, Tori Sheard and Prospect nominees, Do Nothing. Maddy has programmed fringe stages for the Nottingham leg of the Dot to Dot Festival.

Chamberlain, 24, also co-runs Phlexx Records, one of Nottingham's biggest emerging independent record label and events companies where she is in charge of A&R and publishing. 

Maddy Chamberlain's interview with Hannah Clarke.

J A M E S  D E N H A M


James is a writer and journalist from Nottingham. After studying Politics at the University of Sheffield, James eventually founded Black Friends, a Nottingham-based race awareness platform that aims to facilitate frank conversations about race and identity. He has committed himself to championing marginalised voices in the creative industries and has worked tirelessly to promote black artists in Nottingham. Black Friends has since become an unstoppable force in Nottingham, with James working with multiple ethnic musicians and creatives to showcase their incredible talent, giving them a platform around the city. 

James Denham's interview with Hannah Clarke.

F R A N C E S C A  B I S C O Z Z I 


Francesca Biscozzi is an Italian creative director and artist counsellor who has been immersed in music since she was a child. Thanks to her uncle's love of it, she quickly developed a passion for genres such as Bossanova, Soul, Jazz and Blues. As Francesca grew older, her passion for music blossomed into a singing career, that started at the age of 12 and resulted in multiple single and EP releases. At the age of 18, after studying various aspects of music and its history, Francesca moved to the UK from Italy and stumbled upon the world of afrobeat, hip-hop and street in which she currently works as a creative director, artist counsellor and vocal coach.

Francesca Biscozzi's interview with Hannah Clarke.

F O R M E R  J U D G E S

Benjamin Ziec - 2020

Founder of Phlexx Records / Music Producer  

Camille Christel - 2020

Musician / Prospect Nominee 2019

Aimee Stones - 2020

Musician / Frontwoman of Marty

Rachael Halaburda - 2019

Music Journalist / Radio Presenter

Jack Boylan - 2019

Musician / Music Photographer